My good friend Dionne's grandma won a grand prize in the 4th annual Pillsbury Bake-Off in 1953. I was starstruck as I realized Helen Parisot's ('Grandma P') cookies were the same ones that were my own sister's favorite and that I'd eaten several times in my life. My family called them "Chocolate Crinkles", and the page out of the cookbook my mom had was spattered with several chocolatey thumbprints of batches past - a sure sign of a good recipe in any old cookbook. Dionne's family, however, call them "New Yorkers", since Grandma P won a free trip to New York with her delicious recipe.

Dionne told me Grandma P passed away at a ripe old age the other day. Her legacy marches on in thousands of recipe books. Thanks, Grandma P, and also thanks to all the ladies (including you, Mom) who's valiant efforts in the kitchen have taught me to love cooking.

grandma P's Chocolate Pixies

Helen was nice enough to autograph my recipe book.