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Oyster Toast (1800's)
Shrimp Toast (1970's)
Soybean and Tahini Dip(1970's)


Poke Sallet with Potlikker(1800's)
Beef Heart Soup(1800's)
Turtle Soup(1920's)
Pennsylvania Pretzel Soup(1950's)
Danish Green Tomato Soup(1970's)

Meats/Main Courses

Head Cheese(1800's)
Deviled Lamb Chops(1930's)
The Chinese Recipe for Chop Suey(1930's)
Oeufs Sardou(1940's)
Home-For-Lunch Quickie(1950's)
Sardine Sandwich Bake(1950's)
Cheesy Pups (1960's)
Donna's Ole Special(1960's)
Cheese Enchiladas with Green Sauce (1960's)
Beef Fondue(1970's)
Cajun Meat Loaf(1980's)
Philippine Goulash (1930's)
Mackerel Soufflé (1940's)
Razorback Ribs (1970's)
Roast Pigeon (1879)


Side Dishes/ Vegetables

General Pickett Corn Pudding(1920's)
Jenny Lind Potatoes(1920's)
Carrot Loaf
Stewed Celery(1920's)
Tongue and Cabbage Salad(1940's)
Fettuccine Con Pesto(1980's)
Green Corn Pudding(1879)


Tutti Frutti Ice Cream(1920's)
Jeff Davis Custard(1920's)
John Brown Custard(1920's)
Virginia Dare Pudding
Noodle Pudding Delight(1950's)
Gorgonzola Pear Flan(1980's)

Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Pastry, Bread

Benne Seed Wafers(16-1800's)
Jeff Davis Muffins(1920's)
Mason and Dixon Cookies(1920's)
Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies(1930's)
Butterscotch Pie(1930's)
Bisquick Fritters(1930's)
Apple Fritters(1940's)
Old South Butterscotch Pie(1950's)
Fluffy 2 Egg Cake with No Cook Marshmallow Frosting (1950's)
Pink Lady Pie(1960's)
Soy Sugar Cookies
Buttermilk Tea Biscuits(1970's)
Lemon Sugar Cookies(1980's).
Gold Cake (1920's)
Raisin Pie (1930's)
Fry Pan Cookies(1950's)


Ginger Taffy(1920's)
January Thaw(1920's)
Nut Cushions(1920's)
St Patrick Potato Candies(1920's)
Soy Carob Fudge(1970's)
Goat's Milk Carob Fudge(1970's)


Apple Catsup(17-1800's)
Native American Meat and Fish Sauce (age indeterminate)
Champagne Sauce(1940's)
Aioli or Ailloi(1940's)
Antoine's Hollandaise Sauce(1940's)
Spicy Sizzle Sauce(1960's)
Lemonade Dressing(1960's)
Anchovy Sauce


Cottage Cheese(1920's)
Mock Turtle Eggs (1920's)
Substitutes for sour milk or buttermilk(1930's)