Poke Sallet with Potlikker
Parboil several cups of poke, and drain off liquid. Cook parboiled poke with a ham hock in a large pot of water for a couple of hours, "like turnip greens". "Dandelions are done the same way. Thistle, wild lettuce, whiteweed, narrow and broad leafed dock, pussley, wild violet leaves, wild mustard are all cooked like turnip or mustard greens."

Parboiling and draining the water from the poke (pokeweed) is essential, as it drives out naturally occurring alkaloids and acids which, if left in, can give you a major case of the "bad guts"

Poke is a viney, aggressive plant characterized by a magenta stem and purple berries when the plant matures. Very young poke is suggested for eating. Please know what you're looking for, so you don't serve a big bowl of stewed poison oak...

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