Bacon Grease Soap

My best friend makes handmade soaps, and so I feel the need to let you know a simple fact she told me: Any fat can be turned into soap with the addition of lye. Lye is highly caustic and can and will injure you severely if not handled properly. If you get it in your eye - well, lets just say you'll be sporting a pirate patch from here on out because there's no coming back from a lye burn to your eye. Anyway, for those reasons, you should do some research and take some safety measures before launching into the making of homemade soap.

The only ingredients you have to have are : Lye (Red Devil Lye is sold as a pipe de-clogger by the Draino, just make sure it's PURE LYE with no added chemicals), bacon fat, and water. Fragrance and colorant are optional ingredients. Here are some places that tell you what goes into bacon grease soap and the techniques and equipment you'll need:

Here, here and here all have great recipes with step by steps

One site suggests using old pringles cans to mold your soap, which is a great idea. The smell of bacon is supposed to go away after the soap "cures" in a few weeks.