A big thank you goes out to Patrick for this account of the paranormal:


"Back in 2002 I took over a job as security guard in the town of Shafter, 8 miles northwest of Bakersfield, CA.   The site was
the future home of the TARGET DISTRIBUTION CENTER and the overall area was some 1.7 million square feet .  There
had been some burglaries at the site the previous month before of construction equipment and I was hired to do perimeter
checks of the property  from 11:00pm to 0700am.
It was 10:30pm and on my first night as I was driving down 7th Standard Highway,  I felt a slight unease but dismissed it as pre workplace jitters.
As I approached the intersection leading to the building I noticed 4 wooden crosses off to the side of the road.  The crosses were about 5 ft in height and had flowers placed at their bases. I didn't really give it a thought and pulled up to the construction gate.  I was greeted by a young female guard who directed me where to park my truck.
After a few pleasantries and instructions she handed me a construction helmet and flashlight and we proceeded to the side entrance.  The building was about 4 stories high with no floors in between,  just a half completed steel roof up above.  Since we were out in the middle of nowhere the warehouse was quite dark and the only lighting available was coming from the strreetlights out front and the farmlands in the distance. 
We had only gotten halfway through the warehouse when there was a crash coming from the steel roof directlt above us..  It sounded like someone had dropped a cannon ball.  Somewhat startled,  I asked the young lady "what was that?".    She seemed equally puzzled and we proceeded on our tour. At midnight she seemed eager to clock out and suddenly I was there all alone.  I wasn't really scared as I had grown up in with a few paranormal incidents in my own life.  Just like the feeling I had earlier that night,  I dismissed them both.
The very next night I got to work,  parked my truck and proceeded to do my perimeter checks with that same lady.  Again as we walked though the darkened warehouse there was a sudden crash directly up above,  this time followed by four more crashes in sucession.  She turned to me with a look of fright and yelled;  "God damn it,  this doesn't happen till you get here".   I quickly dismissed it again and made a beeline straight for the outside scaffold ladder leading to the roof.  My fear of heights overcame my curiosity and I made it up that ladder in about 2 minutes.  The ladder was the only one around for about 300 yards and if someone were up there pulling a prank,  they were nowhere to be found.
I won't go into detail but every night thereafter was quite an experience for me.  Being an avid fan of Hans Holzer books,  I was quite excited and somewhat apprehensive as the incidents were steadily  increasing.  One night as I was making my way through the warehouse I could hear the distant sound of chains on the large metal doors being pulled open,  the problem was the doors hadn't been installed yet.. Things got so crazy that I finally confronted the foreman one morning and told him what I had been experiencing,  he took one look at me and giggled.  The giggling stopped one night when he and his crew were hanging drywall,  out of nowhere someone laid a hand on one of the crew's shoulder.  The guy never came back to work.  Thereafter the foreman and I daily exchanged stories about our experiences.
All these incidents got me to wondering if there was a connection between this and those wooden crosses down the road.  That morning as I clocked out,  I parked my truck across from where the crosses were and found photos and flowers adorning each one  The photos were of young teenage girls with loving messages attached.  I felt bad for these kids and knelt to pray for them.  That night I searched the internet for any info about the girls who appeared to have lost their lives there., after about an hour of searching the local news sites I dicovered the story.
In November of 2001, a car full of teenagers were making their  way to a nearby party.  The driver of the car and his buddy (both 18) were drunk.  They had stopped earlier that night at a convience store and convinced 4 young girls (mostly 14 yrs of age)  to accompany them.  It was foggy that night and as they made their way down 7th Standard, the driver excellerated the vehicle.  The girls pleaded with him to slow down but to no avail.  The car struck a power pole and burst into flames.  As the girls were screaming for help,  the drunken driver ran from the scene.  Needless to say the idiot was the lone survivor.  I do not know if there was a connection but 7th Standard had been the scene of some horrific crashes over the years.
The final incident that happened at the warehouse occured on a saturday afternoon when a young male security guard was making his rounds near the rear of the building.  It was 2;00pm and the guard was passing the parking area where the truck drivers dropped off their trailer rigs full of construction supplies.
The guard noticed that at the end of one of the trailers a little girl was peering at him from around the corner.  He smiled at her and called dispatch.  The event was recorded by Kern Security and noted in their records.  The officer asked dispatch if there were supposed to be kids playing around the construction site.  When asked why, the officer suddenly noticed something peculiar,  he could see right through the little girl.  In fact that same little girl was reported to me as been seen in the doorway to the warehouse a week before.  The guard who didn't believe in ghosts at the time freaked out and wouldn't discuss it with anyone,  he was really shakened by the incident.
Like I said earlier,  there isn't enough room here to tell you all what I and others experienced,  things like people sighing inside the warehouse which was heard by another guard and I one night.   At another sight further up Interstate 5 in the town of Delano,  a guard and myself actually witnessed an apparition of a young hispanic woman drift towards us as we stepped from the patrol vehicle.  For me it was quite an experience as I had never actually witnessed  a  flesh and blood entity before, I had only experience shadows and felt and seen objects moving.  I would like to go on with my experiences with you if you are interested.
What I tell you here is the absolute truth,  I am 52 years old and have no reason to make up stories.  The paranormal has always fascinated me, since my first experience back in 1968.  After almost dying from a surgery in 2001, I seem to have gained even more powers of experience."


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