There has been a very strange phenomena taking place in the United States... the cameo appearances of  big eared, hoofed, stinking, tin can eating, man-goats!! Perhaps these legends stem from a phenomena of the recent past in the deep south:  a scruffy bearded man named Ches McCartney walked around the south with his wagon, pulled by dozens of goats, from 1930 to 1968.  He eventually became a folk legend to rival Johnny Appleseed.

Or perhaps he fathered these poor half - man creatures.  Eww.


Kentucky - Graysknob

Lisa wrote: "I was amazed to read these stories. When my brothers and I were young, we were playing ball in the yard after dark. The ball went around the side of the house. We went to get the ball & sitting on our back steps was this thing that looked like a man, but had a goat's head & feet.  It had huge horns like a ram. It sit real still as if it was watching us. I remember it having pretty hands like a woman folded neatly on it's lap. We stood in fright looking eye to eye with it, then my older brother took off & we followed. He stepped on an old pipe in our yard & still has the scare on his foot. We ran & got our parents, but it was gone. That night, something ripped our back screen door off & threw it in the yard. I never thought about it again. Our parents told us it was someone trying to scare us, but deep down we always knew it was real! " ~ thanks Lisa! (I'm working on the Haunted Kentucky page and hope to have it posted soon -ed.)

Texas - Hamilton - Pecan Creek Bike Trail

I'm gonna quote this dude word for word... (thanks to The Shadowlands).
"On Highway 36 East, past the fill up station and before the old antique shop, there is a bridge. Under that bridge lies a bike trail. If you follow the trail North, stop under the Highway 36 bridge and turn towards the creek you will see a drainage pipe. Go across to the pipe and crawl in on your hands and knees past two turns. Shine a flashlight down the tunnel and you should see a head look at you and then duck around the corner. Also you should hear metal banging ahead of you and grunting noises. Rumor has it, this is some sort of goat-man." Wow. That is hurting for entertainment right there...

Texas - Cleburne - "Old Foamy"

Can it be true? ANOTHER goat man story...
This stream is known for a goat man who will appear if you honk the horn 3 times.  Cleburne is just southwest of Dallas

Texas - Burkburnett - Goat Man's Bridge

An unused bridge in the area is said to have the body of a satyr - upper half man, lower half goat. Others have said you can hear children screaming on the bridge, an apparition of a man, and an obscured from view church of Satan. What are these people smoking in this town? Burkburnette is on I-44 on the Oklahoma border

Tennessee - Caryville - Red Ash Cemetery
The road along this cemetery is home to an 8 foot tall, half-Goat who has a pentagram carved in his forehead. Also, a blue spook light has been spotted here.

Southwestern United States, unnamed small town
Some boys playing football followed some odd "piping flute" music they had heard into the woods and say they discovered a "little goat man", who "smiled and danced and played his flute", then chased them into their house. They claimed to hear his hooves hopping around on the roof, flute musing playing in the night air, for many nights after the sighting.


and finally...  coincidence? You decide.

Throughout Florida

 ...sightings of a crypto zoological creature, the "Skunk Ape", have been reported.  Although the story varies, the creature is described as a yetti or sasquatch would be: extremely tall, covered with hair or fur - light gray, in this case.  I'm assuming from the name he or she must be fairly rank (but then again, if you live in the swamp, what would YOU smell like?) There has been in the past a "Skunk Ape Festival at Shealy Campground on Tamiami Trail (US Hwy 41) near Ochopee, Florida , though I don't know if it's an annual event. And of course, like any good Florida attraction, he has a website complete with T shirts and postcards.

Arizona - Cochise - Cochise Stronghold National Forest

A "man playing the flute" (or perhaps a pan flute???) miraculously appears atop boulders near the campsites. The county's namesake Apache warrior Cochise is buried in an unknown location here, and his spirit has been said to walk in the hills.

Illinois - Wenona - Cumberland Cemetery

Jessi B wrote:
"...Now that (Cumberland Cemetery) is one haunted place. My friends and I have seen some weird things out there from orbs strange noises, to this creature that we affectionately call the "horcow". It has the head of a cow, but the long tall body of a horse. The bridge that leads out to the cemetery is creepy enough. It is just this concrete slab with no sides or rails going over this big creek. A guy I used to know has a picture of this place. The story is a little girl was at her uncles funeral and fell down a well and died. In place of this well is a tree. He has a picture of the tree and as clear as day there is this little girl sitting there in the branches. It also used to be that all the houses on the way there had lit up crosses by there front door and it was not any major holiday. If you would like directions email me back and I can give them to you. This is just one creepy place that you need to see. I always lock my doors and roll up my windows before going in there. There is also a barn out there where a girl hung herself. I have been in there. There was a rope hanging there. Everyone says it is the rope she hung herself with. Of course they also said that if you go in there at night, like I did, you were supposed to be attacked by the girls spirit." (I'm putting the "Horcow" into the "goatboy" category.  I hope no one minds... ~ed.)

Texas - Kilgore/Longview - Creek Bottoms

A (*ahem...) "Chicken Man" is said to have made Tywhisky Creek area it's coop, er, it's home the early 1970's, when several sightings occurred. One "Bigfoot" web page says that a creature, nicknamed the "Marion County Monster", had a rash of sightings in 1965 in nearby Longview, TX.  A "monkey man" sighting took place near Rabbit Creek by Kilgore in 1999.

the "Chicken Lady", as immortalized by 1990's
Canadian comedy troupe, The Kids In The Hall

Texas - San Antonio - Old Stone Ridge Road

Haunted by a "DONKEY LADY" near the children's cemetery. (Finally, a companion for Goat Boy!)

Texas - Weatherford - Lake Weatherford

A "Demon Water Cow" with flaming red eyes and a bull like physique has reportedly haunted the area since before Europeans came there.




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