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Vintage and Sometimes Disturbing Cooking Links
Disturbing Food Links
Food History and Folklore



Vintage and sometimes disturbing Cooking Links

Medieval and Renaissance Food Homepage

Michigan State University Collection of Antique Recipes

Making Potted Meat

Frontispiece of Old Cookbooks

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ancient Cookery

Fire up a Retro Barbecue!

Classic 1950's Recipes

Old Recipes Using Herbs

Open Directory's list of Historic Recipe websites

Vintage Cal Cuisine

Historic Recipes

Lynn's Food History and Recipes From the Past

Recipes from a 1950's Pennsylvania Cookbook

Molly Kiely's Old Cookbook Collection

Receipts of Pastry and Cookery For the Use of his Scholars, by Ed. Kidder, 17--

Manuscript Cookbook of D. Petre, 1705

Fronticepieces of Old Cookbooks

BBC's Rationing Challenge

Food Rationing

Recipes of the Damned

 (my apologies to the owner of this fab website, when I named my URL extension for this page 'recipesofthedamned', I thought I was being all cool and original until I remembered, too late to change it without losing some links, that I'd heard it somewhere before...)

Meals Men Like

antique newspaper recipes

Smerelda's Antique Recipes

18th century recipes

Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes

Reminiscent Recipes

The Thorough Good Cook - circa 1896

Disturbing Food Links

1974 Weight Watcher Recipe Cards

The Ultimate Bad Candy Website

Grilled Rats and Other Weird Recipes

Strange Foods from Around The World

The Museum of Burnt Food

The Museum of Food Anomalies

Calves Head en Tortue

Usenet Weird Recipe Database

squashed fly biscuits (aka "Garabaldi Biscuits"))

Stinky Tofu

Tic Tac Pie

extreme foods (a list of British delights, including a Guinness Popsicle)

Insects du Jour

Seaweed Pudding

Eskimo Recipes and Seal Flipper Delights (thanks to Serra)

101 Testicle Recipes and Fun Facts

Bloater Paste Recipe

Scary Asian Food

Food I Fear

Cate's Scary Foods

1000 year old eggs - a Japanese delicacy

Balut - Filipino Fertilized Duck Eggs

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Re-Creating McDonald's Food at Home (why?)

Utterly Outrageous Recipes

Funky Munkey's Traditional South African Recipes and more

200 Proof Moonshine and Kentucky Fried Chicken

Food History and Folklore

The Food Timeline

Illustrated Kitchen Utensils of the Past

British Food Slang

Food Advertisements of the 50's

Another Food Timeline

Lynn's Food History and Recipes From the Past

Food History News

Food Folklore

The Food Reference Website

History's Weirdest Recipes

About.com's The History and Origins of Foods

 Victory On The Menu :wartime recipes and rationing

History and Legends of Foods

The "Good Wife's Guide" from a 1955  magazine (scroll to the bottom of the page)


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