Sites I Just Happen To Recommend

In Kristine's Shower My best friend's wonderful hand made soaps and lotions

Roadside America: my #1 all time favorite website - roadside attractions galore
Disturbing Auctions Daily: way too funny Ebay listings
The Chicago Reader Online: great free zine from the windy city
Choose Your Hairstyle Database
Disgruntled Housewife: nifty site from a kindred spirit
Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures and Folklore
Evil Disney: everything they take great precautions that you never know
Wikipedia: ever changing slang encyclopedia
Rotten: the web's version of driving past a car accident and gawking.
The Smoking Gun: famous people and their police records
Your Hometown: more unusual American things to do
Web Gallery of Art
Crafty Crafts: if you're real bored
Squished Penny Museum: I love squished pennies
Sideshow Ephemera: posters from sideshows and freak shows
Anomalies Unlimited: put on your tinfoil hat! More stuff the government is hiding...
Craig's List: Like Ebay, but more like bartering
Deviant Art: independent artist's database
Joe's Freak Show: Cool site, but I wish he'd lose the background music :o)
How Stuff Works: just what it says...
The Kitsch Parade: A celebration of the art in mundane
HoogerBrugge: the most messed up German animations ever - it rocks!
How To Read Tea Leaves
Museum of Bad Art
Erowid's Vault: Everything you ever wanted to know about dope
Tokyo Plastic: Royally cool Japanese art site
Periodic Table of Funk: From Rick James to Rudy Ray Moore
Psychedelic Art Gallery
Lomography: great photos by out of focus, dime store cameras
engrish: the English language, butchered

bizarre interactive doll's head

my original artwork

excellent online cabinet of curiosities

Ghost Related Links

The Ghost Stalkers
The Shadowlands
The Travel Channel: Weird Travels paranormal
paranormal open forum
ghost in my suitcase


Friends of Ghosttraveller

Oswego Tea

Johnny Uma


Sionainne Diaryland

Ultimate Insult

J-Walk's Blog

Ten Things to Do On The Net Today WebJunkie

planet halder


This Is Not a Blog

Cobb county, GA Links For Seniors :op

One Man Safari

Reality Island

Jakartass Blog