"Spry" was a vegetable shortening that was endorsed by radio star "Aunt Jenny", or Edith Spencer, the host and narrator of the long-lived radio show, Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories, which ran from 1937 to 1956. Spry cook booklets are generally chock full of exclamatory boasts about the wonders of Crisco, erm... Spry. The illustrations portray the inhabitants of Aunt Jenny's neighborhood: with glazed eyes, smiling as if in a pharmaceutical straight jacket, and quite vocally tickled pink about Spry.

it's Triple Creamed!

This kid's so happy he's almost scary. I can picture the photographer threatening him with a cattle prod if he doesn't smile wide enough.

"Pennywise steak" is a big glob of hamburger, or "hamburg" as aunt Jenny likes to so quaintly say, shaped cleverly like a T-bone and generously greased up with... you guessed it, SPRY! A feat that rivals Jesus and the loaves of bread and fishes when it comes to stretching your food budget. Grease up your baking potatoes for extra Spry-ness.

Look at her face.  I bet he likes "lickin' the spoon".

Jenny entertains two bachelors who can't get enough of her Meat Pie. It's downright magical.

The postman! Look at her face again!  Aunt Jenny is a whore.