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Ogden - Historic Radisson Suite Hotel
A ghost nicknamed Mrs. Eccles stops the elevator on the 5th floor; the smell of phantom perfume permeates the air.2510 Washington Blvd (801) 627-1900

Park City - Snowed Inn
This, uh, cleverly named Inn boasts the ghost of the owner's grandmother who hangs out in the room built to resemble her own bedroom. She has been seen floating through the floor, and people claim to have photographic anomalies from the Inn.
3770 North Highway 224  (435) 647-3311

Salt Lake City - Shilo Inn Hotel
Macabre phantom laughter is heard around the indoor pool, and a pinball machine near the parking exit reportedly plays by itself.  Employees blame the hauntings on the death of a woman who threw her child off a balcony then jumped herself.

Brighton - Silver Fork Lodge and Inn
A poltergeist type of environment wreaks havoc with employees, turning on and off lights and appliances and moving things around. Cold spots are reported, as well as unexplained sightings, whispers and moans.

Tooele - Kirk Hotel
Things are unexplainably moved, and cupboard doors open and shut themselves. 57 West Vine. (435)882-1372

Salina - Scenic Quick Stop Truck Stop
A ghost reportedly likes to throw objects, move things around and pull things off the walls. Voices are heard. I-70 Exit 054

Provo - Rock Canyon
The site of many rock climbing deaths, hikers have reported seeing a male climber dressed in 1970's or 80's style clothes that seems to glide ethereally down the rocks at a high rate of speed.

Salt Lake City - Utah State Historical Society

Formerly a railroad depot. the building has had reported hauntings since the 1940's. The Rio Grande Cafe inside has a raven haired female ghost in an old fashioned purple dress - in the ladies room. The story goes that she was killed by a train when trying to get her engagement ring that a suitor had thrown on the tracks. A man's ghost has been seen on the ground floor, lobby and balcony. One security guard claims to have crashed a party of unearthly spirits when he got off of the elevator in the basement. 300 Rio Grande

Salt Lake City - ZCMI Center Mall
A ghost chef still prepares meals at this mall. 36 South State St

Springville - Springville Museum of Art
Lights turn themselves back on after closing, and the apparitions of a woman in a flowing dress and a little boy have been seen here.
Salt Lake City - The McCune Mansion
Rooms set up for weddings are disheveled, to the bride's dismay,  by ghostly hands at night; doors lock themselves, and lights turn on and off by themselves.  Phantom music still plays from a small room built specially for musicians by the McCune family. An organ also plays itself, and cold spots are reported.

Park City -Ontario Silver Mine Tour
This tour of Utah's silver mining industry takes you down a real mine shaft and through a silver mine. Visitors have spotted various unexplained apparitions over the last 100 years, including a lady in white and "tommyknockers" (which, I think is an old miner's term for goblins that mess with their equipment - like a 'gremlin'- but I can't seem to find a real definition anywhere). Route 224   (435)655-7444

Brigham City - Golden Spike National Historic Site

The Sinks of Dove Creek is the ruins of a primarily Chinese railroad laborer's camp; spook lights described as "sparks" and ghostly voices, speaking in an Asian tongue, have been reported from the area. The noises of a phantom train were reported by campers, as well. ask at the ranger's office for directions to the ruins, as it is a long, arduous walk and needs to be planned ahead.

North of St George - Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial
This is a bizarre and twisted tale of a group of Christian pioneers from Arkansas who, when crossing Utah to get to California in 1859, were slaughtered by a group of Mormons painted to look like Paiute Indians. Investigators said that there were actual Paiute Indians participating, but the tribe officially dismisses this. Brigham Young, some sources say, gave the order to carry this atrocity out, in which 120 men women and children were brutally slaughtered and left to the desert critters to take care of.  Several under the age of 7 or 8 were allowed to live, because most likely it was felt they wouldn't be able to give an account of the murders (they were recovered from several Mormon homes a few years later).  The federal investigation after the massacre (which is largely believed to have been sparked by the Mormon leader's political views toward Utah's separation in the fragile years prior to the Civil War) finally put the bones of the dead to rest, although to come upon it was reportedly a bloodbath scene of Biblical proportions. A monument was erected by Army Brevet Major James H. Carleton, on which he had inscribed "Vengeance is mine: I will repay, saith the Lord". It lasted just long enough for Brigham Young to have it torn down again. This cycle has gone on for over a century, with monument after monument being desecrated - though now the LDS church takes responsibility for caring for the site.
Anyway, on to the ghosts... visitors report the mumblings of phantom voices from the nearby creek.

Layton - Layton Hills Mall
Yet another cursed corporate entity allegedly built atop an Indian burial site, this mall is plagued by odd noises and shadows, especially on the 3rd shift. Something or someone frequently uproots the plants and moves mannequins, but no one is spotted on security cameras.

Ogden - Smiles Portrait Studio
Odd photographic anomalies appear on some of the photos taken at this photographer's studio. 406 E 2650 N (801) 621-4453

Cedar City - Auditorium at Southern Utah University
Reportedly two ghosts "playfully" haunt the catwalks, and there are odd occurrences in the tunnels beneath the stage.

Ogden - Tinseltown Theaters at Newgate Mall
This movie theater has been witness to two odd shadowy figures that growl, move chairs, and lock the projectionist in the booth. 2001 Newgate Mall (801) 334-8638

Orem - Scera Movie Theater
A ghost nicknamed Eleanor haunts the older part of the building, and is described as middle aged, female, with a cool green or blue glow. She likes to appear on Wednesdays, reportedly.

Pleasant Grove - Pleasant Grove Players
This dinner theater experience a haunting during renovations in 1999. Workmen heard voices, doors shutting and footsteps in the empty upper floor.


Echo - Kozy Cafe and Motel
Former owner "Fat" must still like pie and coffee, because from the netherworld he likes to ask for a refill on his coffee when the place is empty, and also squeak his regular bar stool at the counter. Waitresses report the scuffing noises of Fat's cowboy boots lumbering across the room toward the jukebox, and shortly afterward a Johnny Cash song spontaneously starts to play, with the volume cranked. 3525 S Echo Road (435) 336-5641

Cedar City - Betty's Cafe
A flannel shirt wearing ghost haunts this former private residence.227 south main st. (435)867-4545

Logan - Grapevine Restaurant
Employees report poltergeist activity including dished that fling themselves into walls and a broom that moves about on it's own.  Also voted best steak in Utah by Citysearch, by the way... Logan is about an hour north of Salt Lake City - 129 N 100 E   (435) 752-1977

Cedar City - Godfather's Pizza
Employees say that they have endured a TV and lights that turn themselves on and off, things that move themselves or fly off shelves, the sounds of a little child crying, as well as unexplained talking, screaming and moaning. The Pizza place once had a piano that would clink out notes when no one was near it.  241 N Main St (435) 586-1111

Lehi - Porter's Place
Maybe the oddest yet of theme restaurants, this place is themed around the life of 1800's era bodyguard to Joseph Smith Jr., Porter Rockwell. There are reportedly photos of his gravestone to add to the 1800's wild west decor. If that wasn't bizarre enough, employees have reported seeing a middle aged man in brown leather boots walk through a wall in the blue dining room, and claim items often go unexplainably missing. 24 West Main  (801)768-8348

Santaquin - Family Tree Restaurant
A drowning of a small boy occurred in a canal on the site, and visitors report a lady in blue fading into the back rooms, the noise of bells ringing, and pots that slam into the kitchen walls. 77 W Main St (801) 754-3499

Salt Lake City - Area 51
This dance club has a haunted ladies room - the middle stall of the upstairs ladies' bathroom is haunted by a clubber who overdosed there. The toilet flushes itself, the door opens and shuts itself, and crying is heard. Sober people complain of dizziness and nausea when they use the stall. 348 West 500 South (801) 534-0819

Minersville - Minersville Creek
A woman in black wanders the banks of the creek - as the story goes she was a traveler killed for her money there.  She anticipated them robbing her, and hid the money in the area - which treasure hunters still look for. Minersville is located in the southwest portion of the state near I-15

Clearfield - Stede's Pond
Nearby visitors have heard whispers of "come here" and cries from the pond and nearby train tracks; a phantom train has been heard. The area has bore witness to many drownings and deaths on the train tracks. Clearfield is located between Salt Lake City and Ogden on I-15; the only pond I see next to the tracks on the map is on N 1000 W street in a park.

Helper - Spring Canyon Mine Ghost Town
This rural area is home to the ghost town Standardville, a former coal mining community. The ghost of a widowed miner's wife is said to wander , wearing white and searching for her child. Four miners were killed in an explosion there in 1958, whether she was the widow of one of them is unknown.  Soon after the miner's untimely death, it was said the baby died of illness, then the widow killed herself. Reportedly she likes to scare the crap out of hunters and ghost town lookie-loos. There is a map of the ghost town location in Carbon County here. It is located north of Helper, UT, which also has a coal mining museum you can visit.


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